How much am I supposed to bear?
How much am I to change?
Why can’t I just be a freak?
Why must I wear a smiling face?

The agony is unbearable
The stigma of knowing too much
Too young to be trusted
Too old to be ignored

The Audacity of Hope

I have never been to US, i don’t even wish to. Life has been hassled, yet perfect in my own country. I am in a way addicted to the organized chaos called – India. Yet, I found myself glued to the TV, watching the Nth rerun of Barack Obama’s speech at Grant park after he won the Presidential election. And I realised, I had Goosebumps...

Going by the history, the Republicans (McCain’s party) have always been better with India, more open minded about my country’s growth and a bit less blind about Pakistan’s active support for terrorism. Then why was I wishing for Mr. Obama to win? He is a guy with not much to show in the experience field. Will he be able to steer America’s economy out of this meltdown? Now that is something that is a must for us, a weak American economy threatens to pull us all in the sea.

Obama swept the elections, and he has won the hearts of the common people from all over the world... people who can’t even spell his name, wanted him to be elected. I know people who have had no formal education and have no knowledge about American or world economy, rooting for Obama.
Why Obama?
I thought about it.. (oh yeah, i do think a lot . lol)... and the only answer that made any sense to me was – Mr. Barack Hussain Obama II represents the most vital , most precious thing that has seen human race through the centuries.... Hope.
Obama represents Hope... and there is no bigger temptation....

With or Without You

Somehow, I always find the festivities very depressing. All that meeting and greeting leave me drained. sometimes I wonder, how many words do we really mean?

We forward those text messages, we buy those packets of sweets and chocolates, and we smile! Oh! Do we smile!!

The smiles that don’t reach your eyes, the smiles that you always wanted to share with those special people in your life..

Smiles, as genuine as love these days.

Hollow, pointless, stop-gap. But what the heck, who bothers. Who notices??

As the world goes crazy, there are people who just want to sit in a corner, surrounded by their own dreams, shutting everything and everyone out.

Have you ever had such a Diwali?

Have you ever been in a temple and forgot what exactly you want to wish for?

When do you find yourself unable to wish for something? When you have everything, or when you are denied what you wish for, more than anything in this world? Even if its for a day, for a moment, for eternity?

Have you ever felt so incomplete without someone that you didn’t want to fill that space?

Have you ever known a smile that squeezes your heart?

Have you ever Danced with the Devil by the Pale Moonlight?


Written to the tune of "With or without you" (U2)